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The Voice From Cuenca

Ecuadorian Alberto Otero is the leading Broadcaster and Senior Sales Executive for two of the most popular Spanish-speaking radio stations in the New York area—WSKQ (known as Mega 97.9) and WPAT (known as Amor 93). Both stations are known for catering to Hispanic community with their format, which consists of musical styles such as bachata, salsa, merengue, pop and reggaeton.

A proud native of Cuenca, Ecuador, Alberto started his talent for radio and communications at the young age of 14. He credits Mario Villavicencio for giving him the opportunity to start a career in radio at such a young age. “Mario gave me the opportunity because he could see that I had potential and passion for radio. The only thing he asked in return was for me to be loyal” he explained.

Alberto’s model for business is to build a bridge between the stations and the client, and to make the clients understand that to get results, they need an effective strategy, not a big budget. He achieves that purpose by working closely with the client. “Through working with clients one develops a credible reputation and strong relationships. A good reputation is more precious than gold.” This mentality has made Alberto one of the most successful businessmen in radio in the United States.

Alberto knows very well the price it takes to pursue a dream in a strange land. His dream brought him to New York with only $640 to his name and, according to him, it took a lot of hard work to reach it. “Not only was I in a foreign land, but during my first couple of months in the city I was only able to find a job as a rose salesman during St. Valentine’s week”. However, through hard work, the people who believed in him and a strong commitment to his dreams, he flourished.

Now, as a renowned executive, he enjoys personally giving back to the community to whom he credits his success, by promoting small, medium and large businesses. “I am here because a lot of people gave me opportunities,” he said. “Now, I can be that person to some one else.”