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Martha Cruz has devoted most of her career to research. She has been 12 years in the U.S. and four of them were invested in getting her PhD at Western Michigan University. But she says that’s not the only investment that she has made. Martha focused her education in researching the value of investments. Something she learned along the way was the importance of education.

With her doctorate degree in Economics, Martha has been able to understand how economics truly work and how she can improve them.

She earned her PhD in International Econometrics and Monetary Economics four years after arriving to the US. And now she focuses on development economics, international economics, and monetary economics with particular focus on migration, microfinance, poverty, education and international transmission of shocks.

She also serves as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Where her role is seeking grants, serving as an academic advisor for master students doing their thesis in the Integral Economic Development Program, and teaching Economic courses to undergraduate and graduate students at the institution.

Martha says that her diverse background plays an important role in her teaching. She has continued to integrate her Ecuadorian culture, energy, persistence and perseverance in all her endeavors. Martha says that she has helped students expand their perspectives by explaining to them how economic situations vary from one country to another. “Some students don’t understand the concept of poverty. I want to help them understand how this situation can affect deeply the lives of many people in different countries.”

Although Martha knows a lot about financial investments, she says that the best investment a person can make is education. “Education never dies. It is the balancing mechanism for society,” says Martha. “Nobody can take education away from you.”