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Today, August 19, the Ecuadorian Ambassador to the United States, in Washington, Nathalie Cely and General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board in the United States, Richard Griffin, signed a Memorandum of Understanding which aims to foster an environment that recognizes and respect the rights and obligations the law gives to all Ecuadorian workers in the United States. These efforts will provide information, guidance, and access to training resources and education on the rights and responsibilities granted by law.

Through this agreement, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and its regional offices along with the Ecuadorian Embassy and its Consulates in the United States, will develop joint initiatives to inform and Ecuadorian train workers about their labor rights.

The training and education that both institutions are committed in this Agreement are:

– Develop and provide training and education for Ecuadorian workers, their employers and Ecuadorian business owners in the United States, about the rights, protections and obligations under the law

– Provide training to the Ecuadorian Consulates’ staff on the labor law and the NLRB operations

– Develop and provide training programs for NLRB staff that allow them to meet the needs of Ecuadorian workers, their employers and Ecuadorian business owners in the United States.

At the signing ceremony, the General Counsel spoke about the importance of such agreements to the office, since they allow the NLRB offices to disseminate the information and content of the Law that determines labor relations between employers, unions and workers. In her speech, Ambassador Nathalie Cely referred to the commitment of the Ecuadorian Government, the Embassy and Consulates in the United States to the permanent protection of the rights of migrants. She also reiterated her dedication to the service to the Ecuadorian migrant community.

She also communicated to the migrant community of her interest in continuing to work alongside the Ecuadorian Consuls in this country to promote the full implementation of this agreement—together with the ones previously signed with the U.S Department of Labor, its Wage and Hours division, OSHA, and the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, that complement the protection of rights for migrant workers and help improve the employment situation of Ecuadorians in the United States.