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Ecuador’s Minister of Tourism Sandra Naranjo presented the country’s achievements in tourism and sustainability before a group of world tourism ministers this week at Harvard University’s Ministerial Leader Validation Program conference. Minister Naranjo’s participation comes in the midst of Ecuador’s ongoing trade & tourism promotion campaign in the U.S., which features a number of prominent events, social media campaigns, and marketing initiatives in key U.S. markets, supported by Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Trade, and the Ecuadorian Embassy in Washington DC to promote Ecuador’s many exciting products and tourism offerings.

Minister Naranjo was invited to participate at the two-day conference at Harvard School of Public Health in Cambridge, Massachusetts held on December 1-2 to discuss Ecuador’s management of public policy on tourism and sustainability. Minister Naranjo participated in a roundtable discussion with other tourism ministers and regional and international organizations to discuss current challenges, opportunities, and industry needs.

As a prime tourism destination, with a 14 % increase in tourism in 2014, Ecuador has actively implemented a series of actions to strengthen and improve the institutional, environmental and social safeguarding of its natural touristic resources.

This year the country won 14 awards, including “South America’s Leading Green Destination” and “South America’s Leading Tourist Board” at the 21st regional World Travel Awards gala, considered by The Wall Street Journal the Oscars of the tourism industry, celebrated in Quito this past August.

The Ministerial Leader Validation Program recognizes international tourism leaders from the public sector and invites them to share their knowledge in social development, public administration, and resource management. The conference promotes a collaborative approach in formulating consistent tourism policies and practices throughout the world.

During the event, similar forums were held at the Harvard School of Public Health that brought together international government leaders in the areas of finance and health.