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Ecuador—Businesses and Families Welcome!

Sean O’Quin, native and long-term resident of California, fell in love at first sight with Ecuador when he first visited the country 14 years ago.

Eleven years and counting, Sean finds himself as a pharmaceutical consultant in Ecuador. As part of his job, he advises and helps local and international pharmaceutical companies establish and manage their businesses in Ecuador.

Sean is visionary and he truly believes that Ecuador could be the next Taiwan in South America. He refers to the country as a stable and fertile environment for the growth of companies looking to establish prosperous businesses.

“Many companies are scared of investing in Ecuador and Latin America in general. Like in any other country, there are rules and regulations. If you understand them, you will not have any problems. From a business perspective, you just need to have the right strategy to do business here,” Sean says.

Sean assures that he lives in a different Ecuador than the one he found 14 years ago, when he first visited the country. “The government is making a great effort to have the right infrastructure, education and to improve life,” he says. “The country’s infrastructure is supportive of commerce.”

Also a husband and a father, Sean says Ecuador is a great place to raise your family. “Ecuador is a welcoming country,” Sean adds. Great people, amazing food, many places to visit, and safe communities make it ideal.

“I feel safer in Ecuador than I do in USA,” Sean says. “Police here in Ecuador is proactive and not reactive.”

Additionally, he spoke about how the workforce is increasingly growing educated and that in the future, the country will be able to support the advanced technology industry. “Most people know about Ecuador’s bananas and shrimp, but technology is also growing.” The quality of education is improving. It is improving in the way that the country will eventually be a serious competitor to Taiwan and Korea.

“Some people are coming back,” he says. Ecuador is improving and it is improving in a global scale.