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María (Loli) Lana moved to the United States in 1981 after her father started working at the World Bank in Washington, DC. But, after seven years, she returned to her native of Quito.

Ms. Lana always knew her calling was in the arts. “Since I was a little girl my parents have always supported my passion for painting and sculpturing,” she said.

It was her parents’ support that led Mrs. Lana to have her first art exhibition at the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington, DC at the young age of 15. “The Embassy of Ecuador has always been an essential part of my life. The people that walk through its halls may come and go, but the building still remains to me a symbol of Ecuador,” she explained.

At the age of 19, Mrs. Lana returned to the U.S. to study Arts and Sculpture at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, were she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her skills as a mural artist prompted her to work in set designs for VH1, MTV and renowned national restaurant Cheesecake Factory through out the 90’s.

in 2011, Mrs. Lana experienced a family difficulty that became the source of inspiration for her best art yet. “I was pushed into an awakening. I became a caretaker for my father in law who was fighting a battle with skin cancer,” explained Mrs. Lanas. “The experience made me feel sad and helpless. The obscure thoughts were unstoppable,“ explained Ms. Lanas.

“One day while I was watching my father in law sleep, I started to focus my attention to his infusion drops. Drop-by-drop I started to imagine and daydream about the journey of each drop that came down and slowly went through the long transparent plastic tube until it finally entered his body,” recalled Lana. This is why the title of the new exhibition is Infusion.

“Through these paintings, I was able to transform my feelings of sadness, hate and bitterness into love. At the beginning of this journey, I though I was saving him but in reality he saved me,” she said fondly.

Now, her world-renowned exhibition has raised awareness and provided inspiration to countless people in Ecuador, Bosnia and Germany. Through her art, Lana seeks to provide a voice of hope and happiness to those who are going through the same difficulties that her family experienced.