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Ambassador Nathalie Cely attends Environmental Justice Event in Quito this Week

Experts explore the Best Practices in Environmental Justice and Human Rights in Ecuador.

Quito, Ecuador. From July 28th to 30th, Ambassador Nathalie Cely, in coordination with Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment, leads a meeting focused on environmental justice, human rights, exploration, remediation, sustainable growth and corporate responsibility. The meeting counts with the presence of subject-matter leaders and influentials.

This event will focus the discussions on institutions and practices for designing public policies that ensure environmental justice, protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, and ways to ensure that companies adhere and take responsibility to comply with international norms and standards of practice corporate responsibility.

The event includes a visit to the Chevron-Texaco-contaminated sites, as well as a visit to Panacocha areas.

This event will present the political and strategic guidelines that the National Government is implementing. The meeting also seeks that the attendees may be able to influence and share a positive and professional perspective of the outcomes of the event and the reality of Ecuador’s environmental landscape back in the U.S.