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Ambassador Nathalie Cely participated in the XVI Annual Conference of the Latin American Business Association (LABA) at Columbia Business School. At the event, she discussed the opportunities and challenges currently facing our region.

During her presentation on the panel focusing on social development, which also included Argentine Congresswoman Elisa Carrio and Professor Gustavo Yepes Lopez of the External University of Colombia, Ambassador Cely highlighted the important socioeconomic achievements made in the region, mainly the reduction of poverty and inequality and positive economic growth rates.

Ecuador, with an economy that has been growing steadily and has witnessed an average growth of 3.4 % between 2007 and 2013 versus the the regional average of 4.2% , has become the most successful Latin American country in reducing inequity in the same period. Ecuador is a clear example of the positive trends that are being seen throughout the region.

Among the challenges discussed by Ambassador Cely were consolidating sustainable economic models and becoming less dependent on natural resources such as oil and commodities. Also, incorporating citizen demands while facing the growing insecurity that afflicts the region, eradicating poverty and strengthening emerging middle classes, and, at the same time, ensuring mechanisms for citizen participation and promoting greater gender equity.

Embassy of Ecuador
Washington DC