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Award-winning Ecuadorian director, Tito Molina, sat down with the Embassy of Ecuador to the US to talk details about his career as a filmmaker and “Silence in Dreamland,” Ecuadorian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film contender in the 87th Academy Awards.

1.What experience motivated you to film “Silence in Dreamland”?

TM: “There is not a particular experience but rather my childhood as a whole is what constantly inspires me to do much of my projects. Everything is an evocation of my childhood because it connects one thing to another. For example, in the movie “Silence in Dreamland,” the birds in sequence, boleros, among other scenes are some of the most vivid experiences during my childhood.”

2.Silence, why silence?

TM: “I think absolute silence does not exist. The most expressive way is through sound rather than words. For this film, the viewer must have the ability to turn off to enter the rhythm and frequency of the production. If you can do this, you will have a vital experience. When one is silent, one realizes that there was lack of silence. The time in the film is to appreciate the little details or moments that may not seem important but they are. Silence is an intimate, special moment, and a necessary thing.”

3.Your mother, Bertha Naranjo, is the main character of “Silence in Dreamland”, why did you choose her to be the star of the film?

TM: “Beyond what I aim to do in movies, I think the most important thing is what I managed to capture with this film, where I portrayed my mother before she dies. I want to have an accurate and vivid painting thus it remains forever alive on the screen.”

4.What other movie projects do you have planned for the future?

TM: “I have two films in mind. One of these is about love-but I have yet much to learn and to follow to make this movie a reality. The storyline is mad love and I want to be able to register and capture what love is. An accurate portrayal, but to do so, I need time and experience, also it would be a very big production.”

5.If you could give Tito Molina advice when he started his career as a filmmaker with what you know today, what would you say?

TM: “I would say to never forget to read all my notes when I have the initial idea of making a film. These ideas, even if they are in a preliminary stage, are usually lost in the process of making the entire film. I think, for the first time, I was able to follow my initial notes when making “Silence in Dreamland.” In fact, when I went to Berlin I found one of my notebooks with all phrases that motivated me to make the film. One of them said: “we must be very consistent and very strict with the initial pulse that moves us to make a movie. Follow your initial path and let it guide you.”

6.What’s next for Tito Molina? What advice would you give to the next generation of filmmakers?

TM: “Now I returned to Ecuador where I started a lab to help produce film projects. As for advice to those future filmmakers, it would be for them to follow their instinct. I think the most important thing is to understand what the cinema means. Not in theory, instead, what for them filmmaking (individually) means. They should film everything because the only way to understand movies is making movies.”